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Permanent position

With us, you get what you are willing to give yourself: motivation, security, fairness and qualification. As a craftsman fitter, you will work on a permanent basis in a happy team.

Above average social benefits

You are important to us. And to make sure you really see that, we provide some special benefits to make sure you feel comfortable with us and can give your best on the job site.

Family atmosphere

We stick together. Even when there are challenges and it is stressful. You can count on us. We know that only when you feel comfortable and appreciated will you perform at your best.

Shared experiences

We not only work, but also reward and celebrate success. At company events and special experiences, we shape our team cohesion and recharge our batteries for new projects. Making it fun to be a craftsman.

Fair payment

An attractive salary is the prerequisite for your motivation in the morning. You can expect from us that we, as your employer, want for you what we want for ourselves: Appreciation and recognition. This includes a fair salary and that we adhere to agreements.

You are our hero on the construction site

We are constantly looking for fitters with different qualifications and for various trades on the construction sites.

Not sure if your resume and experience are a good fit for us? Talk to us and feel free to apply on your own initiative without a specific designation of what you are best suited for. We are happy to help you with that. We look forward to any application or request to get in touch with you. We find solutions, also for applicants and employees, so that we can soon say: Fire away for you as a craftsmen fitter.

Building trade makes happy

Our team at cpl craftsmen GmbH needs fitters of every professional qualification to implement exciting construction projects. Our expertise lies in the field of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical.

You will receive your own professional tools and high-quality work clothing so that you are equipped for anything on the construction site. We have over 50 company vehicles that we use to travel to our customers. We want you to arrive on the job site in a good mood and with the best equipment. Because then you can concentrate on the following: Being a good craftman who makes customers happy by enjoying the assembly and his craft.

Find out now about the construction trades we offer and which references distinguish us as a personnel expert for the construction trade.


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