Top craftsmanship?

Here is your new job as a fitter at craftsmen.

“…because craftsmen and fitters like you are our superheroes.”

Manpower and mission:

We love construction sites and we love solutions. At cpl craftsmen, it's not just a job - it's a vocation. We use our superpowers to make the world a little better, one construction project at a time. Our mission is our Hanseatic promise: Our clients can rely on us.

Our DNA is artisanal:

From craftsmen with a master craftsman's certificate to building assistants, we have craftsmanship in our blood. No job is too big or too small for our Manpower fitters. Our installation team is like a superhero team - with over 120 qualified tradesmen and fitters, we are living proof that passion and expertise are an unbeatable combination.

In use everywhere:

Whether between the Elbe and the Baltic Sea in northern Germany or nationwide - we are everywhere where evil (a.k.a. construction delays) lurks. Because we know that time is money and every second counts.

Do you have experience in construction as a construction helper or are you an HVAC plant mechanic, electrician, electrical fitter, electronics technician, gas and water fitter, heating fitter, refrigeration engineer, mechatronics engineer, service technician, HVAC specialist, welding professional, central heating and ventilation engineer or simply a talented craftsman with construction site experience?

We have jobs for tradesmen, fitters, construction site helpers and all heroes from the following trades:


Heat pump or solar system, central heating or district heating, combined heat and power plants and biomass heating system

Ventilation and air conditioning:

Ventilation and air conditioning systems, commercial cooling or IT air conditioning - we build everything


Water and wastewater technology, sanitary technology and hygiene systems, pipe rehabilitation or swimming pool technology


Electric welder or orbital welder, TIG welder or MIG and MAG welder - DIN certified and master welder

Pipeline construction:

Pipe renovation or pipe cleaning, gas pipes or water pipes, maintenance and repair


Assembly and installation, smart home and lighting technology, alarm or fire systems.

No matter what qualifications you have, we always have a place for superheroes like you. And if you’re unsure whether your experience and skills would suit us, talk to us! We will find a place for you as a team.

Every superhero needs their equipment

The advantages of a job as a fitter, craftsman, construction site helper at craftsmen

Superhero contract:

Permanent position in a team that values fairness and motivation.

Superhero boost:

Above-average benefits that ensure you're always on top form and fighting evil (a.k.a. construction problems).

Hero Center:

A fixed contact person for all your questions and a familiar environment in which you always feel valued and supported. Every superhero needs a team they can rely on!

Superhero events:

We celebrate success! Shared experiences, company events and special adventures strengthen our team spirit and ensure that you are proud to be a craftsman.

Good and punctual payment for heroes:

Fairness comes first. An attractive salary shows our appreciation and recognition of your skills.

Your superhero equipment:

High-quality work clothing, our own professional tools and over 50 company vehicles are available so that you can get to work with full power and the best equipment.

Super variety:

No matter what qualifications you have, we always have a place for superheroes like you. And because we work on so many different projects, we never get bored.

"At craftsmen I feel like Iron Man - the equipment is cool and the fact that our team drives to the construction site in a craftsmen car!"

- Max, electrician

"It's not just a job. Sure, I'm a superhero here, new construction sites await us every day and the salary is motivating."

- Wadislaw, heating engineer

"craftsmen recognized my talent and sent me on missions I could only dream of! I've already learned a lot and can now support my colleagues."

- Bronko, construction worker

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